Technology involves the application of scientific invention for the purpose of production in industrial settings.By collecting technical skills that can be modified to enhance achievements.Applying science in solving problems defines technology better.Technology is used daily in different settings.Communication has experienced growth due to advancement in technology.Advancement in technology has influenced greatly the inventions of complex machines that has allowed man to achieve great achievements within short time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligent_agent 

Artificial intelligence has developed as a results of technology.Artificial intelligence is the creation of human like machines.It is branch of computer science that deals with designing machines that can work on absence of humans.The most common areas that artificial intelligence specialize include speech recognition, solving problems and learning.This is achieved through making the computers have the ability to store knowledge, learn and manipulate the movement of other objects.The machines undergo high technical programming to articulate problems and produce desired results.

The mutuality between machine learning and artificial intelligence is primary.in machine learning you require prior knowledge in coding in order to program the machines to give the desired output.Despite machine learning been static it greatly contributes to the creation of artificial intelligence.Giving a machine the right input will definitely produce the desired results.The combination between artificial intelligence and machine learning has greatly led to emergence of complicated machines that have enabled man to make significant improvements in many aspects  of life.Machines that have been developed have the capacity to perform the same functions as humans. Click Plato to see more

Artificial intelligence has numerous advantages which are based on making work easier.It has greatly led to improved accuracy leading to greater degrees of precision.Extraction of information has been made easier by use of robots which can access hostile environments.This has influenced getting correct information on certain topics.Data mining techniques have made it possible to get quality information.This has also made significant effect in explorations whereby miners are able to access risky places by use of robots.

Artificial intelligence has greatly influenced digitization which is  a wide spectrum that ranges from locations to medical applications.Location systems allow you to find routes and establish current positions.Digital assistants help in making solid decisions that are not based on emotions.Inventions in the field of medicine has led to significant achievements.Machines have been created that can substitute organs in the body making the system to function normally.The machines do not experience breakdown often and hence repeat the same function without tiring out.

Despite numerous advantages artificial intelligence has its shortcomings.Minimizing job opportunities. Artificial intelligence has led to development of machines which can perform numerous function at the same time out riding humans who only work for specific periods.Machines do not gain experience with time and are confined to the program which they were initially fed with hence they will require constant adjustments to suit the changing environment.This makes it costly to maintain the machines.Lastly the machines are not capable of handling unfamiliar situations making them prone to breakdown.It is evident that artificial intelligence has its merits and demerits.
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